About us

Our business principles

No trackers on our website

Statistics are indispensable in the business field. However, these can also be collected in a more user-friendly way than large corporations do with their data collection mania.

Data protection is important

We have nothing to hide, but we also don't want to know the color of our customers' underwear. That is why we attach great importance to data protection of our customers.

Software open source or from Germany, if possible

We would like to have switched to open source or software from Germany by the end of 2020. We are currently looking for a replacement for Creative Cloud.

Transparent communication with customers

We do not hide our partners and service providers. We'll call them by their name. So our customers always know who they are dealing with.

Owner-managed media agency.

DJ, producer, blogger, label owner & media designer

Our owner, Daniel Wenzlik, has been working in the media industry since 2008.

It all started as a DJ: with the love of music came the love of the rest of the digital media. In 2010 Daniel published his first remixes, shortly afterwards his own productions. In 2012 Daniel founded his media agency, which is still owner-managed today.

Even today Daniel remains true to his roots and regularly publishes new music through our music distributor Advamera Recordings under the artist name VANAY.

We use daily:

Server & Hosting

• Debian (Open Source)
• Cloudflare
• UptimeRobot
• Plesk
• Roundcube (Open Source)

Desktop, Mobile & Office
  • • Windows 10, iOS & iPadOS
  • • Mozilla Firefox (Open Source)
  • • Mozilla Thunderbird (Open Source)
  • • OnlyOffice (Open Source)
  • • Keepass (Open Source)
Agency software
  • • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • • Termius
  • • Nextcloud (Open Source)
  • • Sublime Text
  • • Filezilla (Open Source)
Partners & Tools
  • • Feiyr
  • • Adobe
  • • Hetzner
  • • Odin
  • • ProSaldo